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House rent is a specialism which cant be underestimated, for this reason you choose a party with knowledge and wide experience. Dop & Dop Consultancy is on that area the right party. We are a broker office that is specialised in rent houses, a specialism there where other brokers the rent do beside their daily activities.

Weekly we send a mailing with our offer to a large number of international companies. Finally, if wished, we hang a striking "For rent" poster.

By our good service and knowledge of this market its possible that we rent your house as well and soon as possible.

By means of our very much visited internet site and our cooperation with other brokers we ensure that we bring your house under the attention by the right customers. This is for example. expats, (Direction) employees who working at international companies and for a particular time stays in The Netherlands and therefore need a accommodation. Employees of u.a. Agip benelux, Shell, Unilver, Maersk, Kalmar Industries, ABN AMRO, and several consulates have already discovered Dop & Dop Consultancy and are satisfied with the service. To give you an idea how we work for you on most profitable manner, we will define that in a concise way below.

We select our (new) requests on:

  • registrations chamber of commerce
  • salary specification (if wished)
  • hiring behaviour in the past
  • Desired background information

The consultants of Dop & Dop Consultancy can by means of an engagement visit (on appointment of course) recommend for this way to for you lucrative and for the tenant acceptably rent to come. A number factors, which are from influence on the rent and where you must take into account, are:

  • Size of the accommodation
  • Number of sleep chambers
  • Sanitary
  • Quality of inventory
  • Position
  • Condition of the house

Prerecording in our file is free of charge. We work on bases of "no cure no pay" . The next duty's fall under this service:

  • Photograph presentation on the Internet site
  • Take care of a expanded marketing campaign
  • make appointments and take care of customers that want to view the house
  • negotiation over the rent
  • giving recommendation concerning partly furnishing, furnishing, inventory, equipment, sanitary, etc.

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