General Conditions

To draw up a lease agreement the following documents are necessary:

For private lease:

  • a copy of passport of the tenant
  • a working agreement�
  • a payslip of the tenant

For company lease:

  • a copy of passport of the tenant
  • registration form with the Chamber of Commerce (not older than 6 months)
  • copy of passport of the proxy according to the registration form of the Camber of Commerce

After the lease agreement has been signed by both parties a check in appointment will be made.

At the check in Dop & Dop Consultancy will take care of the inspection report. The report ensures that there will be no misunderstanding during the check out between landlord and tenant about the delivery at the end of the agreement.

Terms & conditions:

  • we charge no application money
  • on the basis of no cure no pay we show you the apartments/houses.
  • if an apartment/house is being rent, the first payment should be before the commencing date of the contract on the bank account of Dop & Dop Consultancy.

The first payment consists:

  • one month rent
  • deposit (equals 1 month rent or 2 months rent) the commission is 100% of the monthly rent, excluded 19% VAT
  • the costs of deed are 100,00 excluded 19 % VAT�
  • if the house is not clean after the renting period, Dop & Dop Consultan�cy has the right to clean the house. The cleaning costs will be charged to the lessee.

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