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Dop & Dop Consultancy puts everything into his work to let the Internet site work properly and keep it permanently accessible. Many factors are of high importance to Dop & Dop Consultancy, among which the dependence of external parties. As a consequence we cannot guarantee that the internet site is accessible at any time or works as required. Dop & Dop Consultancy asks for your understanding and want to indicate that we accept no liability for any damage as a consequence of diminished or temporarily not working of the internet site.

Information on this Internet siteDop & Dop Consultancy composes this Internet site with care and strives that all information on the site is correctly and complete. Imperfection, as a consequence of human mistakes or technical disturbance, can however occur, as a result that Dop & Dop Consultancy can not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the shown data. If on basis of this information you want to enter into commitments with financial consequences we advise you to contact one of our consultants to verify the correctness and completeness of the concerning information.

The information on this Internet site is of a general nature and cannot be seen as a personal recommendation. We advise you for a personal recommendation to get in touch with one of our consultants, where all your relevant financial, legal and tax circumstances can be taken in the recommendation.

If you take the decision to enter into obligations, exclusively on the basis of the information from this internet site, your are self responsible for the consequences. To prevent misunderstandings of the responsibility, we want to let you know that Dop & Dop Consultancy is not liable for (financial) losses of your decisions.�

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